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MMAccg on Tabletop Simulator and LackeyCCG

Posted by: ricpittman MMAccg Designer on 11/29/2017 8:58 PM

The MMA Combat Card Game is now available for playtesting on Tabletop Simulator & LackeyCCG!

First: Download or Print the rulebook here:


Go to and Download the program (for your operating system).

Next, unzip and open the program, then go into the 'Edit Preferences' menu.
(NOTE: This is also how to update the plugin after each new expansions is released.)

Look down the screen a bit for the 'Autoupdate from URL' box, and put in the following:

Then click update and will displayed download information on the bottom screen.

Once it's done, it'll let you know the plugin has been installed and will ask if you want to load it now.


Go back into the 'Edit Preferences' menu and click on 'Load Plugin', then 'Browse' for RawDeal.

This will complete the update process, you are ready to play.


If you're having trouble getting the update process to run, the images to load, or would just rather install it manually via the .zip file, try this method instead.


Extract it into the plugins folder on your computer for LackeyCCG. When installed, your plugins folder will look like this:


Then, open LackeyCCG and change the plugin using the preferences tab.

Tips for playing the MMA Combat Card Game on LackeyCCG:

Revealing Routine Cards
Use the "Flip Card" feature to make it where you can flip Routine cards over before dragging them to the table, then once everyone has chosen the three routine cards they wish to play and placed them on the table, players can then reveal them.

Tracking Fighter Position/Keeping Track of the Round and/or Player Turn
I prefer to use the "Round," "Player 1," and "Player 2" turn counters to keep track of which turn it is in the round.
The "Fighter Position" is noted using Lackey's 'phase' labeling mechanic. What this means is if you use the "Pass Turn" button (clicking on the arrow by the player name,) just remember to keep an eye on the Fighter Position, as it will reset it back to "Standing."

General Lackey Play Tips:
Double click on a card once it's on the table to "tap" and/or "untap" cards to remind your opponent of the card effects or to help let them know which card you are using.

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