Sports and Lifestyle PHotographer

About Me

Born in South Georgia, I now live in Charleston, West Virginia. I have been married to the woman of my dreams for 11+ years, and we have been blessed with two very photogenic children.

I have owned two game stores (sold comics in one of them) and have been playing card games and tabletop games for the better part of 30 years. I even won the world championship for one of those card games back in 2008.

I first watched UFC 3 on videotape at a friend's house circa 1995 and fell in love with MMA. My love of sports and gaming led me to design the MMA Combat Card Game, which I will be self publishing in early 2020.


My goal is to capture the passion and intensity of the athletes in photos that represent your team, promotion, or gym. Several amateur and pro MMA fighters are currently using event photos I've taken on their social media profiles. Let's get your logo on those photos and grow your business!


I'm not one to live in a studio. Life's beautiful moments happen everywhere. Let's get out, chat, laugh, and make some great photos. I do more than simply provide a service. Let's go on an adventure and capture your story! (Fair warning: I am a father, and I have tons of "nerd cred." I will gladly trade stories with  you about both!)