Email update #1 (July 31, 2018)

Hey hey! 

With this being our first email update, I'll keep it short and simple. We have made some pretty big changes to the website, the biggest being that we have set up two different email lists. One list for our monthly newsletter (just one update a month isn't bad, right?) and a totally separate email for Kickstarter Only Notifications. For the Kickstarter Only Notification list, we will send out FOUR emails in total to this list: The first email 24 hours before Kickstarter launch date. The second at the time the Kickstarter goes live. Then two reminder emails 48 hours and then 24 hours before the Kickstarter ends.

If you haven't already, you can join or opt out of both email lists at any time. Simply CLICK HERE to update your email preferences.

Also, we have updated the Blog and Videos section of the site. Expect a new blog post at least once a week!

Thank you for being part of the MMA Combat Card Game Playtesting team!


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