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Find the Photos You Have Liked So Far

Posted by: jamesgood on 1/31/2022 12:48 AM

At the moment it is a basic chat, but that does not mean that it is useful at certain times. When you are on the main Instagram screen, you just have to drag it to the left or hit the arrow button (or hang glider) that appears at the top right. The Direct section will appear, which is the one for chats. You can hit the + button to open new chats , where in addition to text you can also send photos. Share certain posts with specific people Share Instagram also offers another method to share your images or those of others with specific users, and it does so through its internal chat.

When you are viewing a photo, you will see that next to the Like and comment buttons you have a third party, this will serve to send the photo to one of your contacts on Instagram, and it does so by private message. 14. Snapchat with Instagram Stories Stories If you want your account to be a little more dynamic, or if you're at an event and don't want to fry your contacts with dozens of photos, you can always use the new Instagram Stories. It is a method with which you can create a continuous feed with photos or videos that expire after 24 hours, exactly like with Snapchat. In this article, we tell you our first impressions and how you can use this feature on your Windows computer. Of course, in the official application for Windows 10, even if you cannot publish, you will be able to view all the stories of your contacts.

Go live with Instagram Instagram Live One of the latest functions that the social network has added is that of broadcasting live videos. To do this, on the main screen click on the Your story button as if you were going to create an Instagram Story. In fact, this will be the default option, although below the screen you can switch to Direct mode and start broadcasting to all your followers. 16. Add a secondary account New account Whether it's for work, to separate topics, or simply because you want your cat to have their own Instagram, you may want to be able to use more than one account on the app.

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